Calvary as a water on the desert

The Jesus’s way is theoretically easy to follow but in practise it is much more difficult. I have complicated more than make things easier, trying to maintain a right direction, forcing myself to stop complicate, do simply what the Bible says. So, follow me, so love, so simply serve and help others, so simply forgive. Still much easier is to say a lie than a truth, even if we twist a truth so carefully but a lie is a lie. A simple truth. Being merciful as Christ shows etc.
Our nature leads faster to hatred than to loving, the violent feelings inside can completely stop, the disappointment can stop, too. Easier is to remember what deeply hurts us, errors or injustices than to forget. Our resentments to someone are so hard to give up at all. How Jesus forgave all those ( us ) who hurted him so sorely and crucified? So big and untold suffering of Jesus. He is always lead by Love. Are we? And how simply follow him regarding the blockades of heart (our fears before another wounds etc.)? How sincerely love – but in practise we often fail? Hiding almost a painful things on the bottom of heart. Waiting for healing, but we forget to invite Christ on the boat – he clearly says and names a problems, struggles at our life. He wants to be called. He wants to be on the boat to stop a storm. Live without pulling down a heart into a deep resentments or unforgiveness. How simply do it?  Having many personal complications and issues towards loving. I forgive ‘but’, I love ‘but’. We prefer to have no place for disappointments. Our words are often like – do not disappoint me again, do not hurt me again, do not lie me again. Jesus teaches that rather ‘forgiving’ with no adding ‘but’. Simply follow. Simply love. Simply do. Mostly, I cannot, it’s so hard – but constantly trying. Reasuming, it is not possible to get a guarantee for not to be hurted again. After death of my father, some things have started to be more complicated. I’d love to have Jesus on my boat. It’s gonna be alright though I don’t understand, i try trustfully to accept his will and say ‘yes’. Christ dips our wounds on his Blood; and Calvary can help to see what we complicate. Do not forget then, that it’s a very special invitation of Christ. It’s a water on the desert. So, stand under The Holy Cross.


I dedicate this website to my beloved dad who suddenly passed away at 3:00 pm of December 25, 2014. He has departed for a long journey but I've heard that we can go away on forever to be always very close. Christ saved me a few yrs ago, so these notes are some kind of testimony conversion. "You don't choose a life. You live one." (from the movie THE WAY). Saint John Paul II has become my patron of life from he died on birthday, so Saint Mother Teresa is now marriage guardian as the 5th of September is our day of wedding. "The time is running away; the eternity awaits." (it is written on the clock of the church at Wadowice; the hometown of JPII). I'm happily married since 6 yrs. Even if, the storm will come I strengthen my imperfect heart by basking in The Sacred Heart. The prayer is an oxygen, so the soul breathes. If the coldness absorbs, lift up your hands - Christ will warm up & hug the soul. I appreciate these words of Fr Twardowski: Don't be afraid of walking on the sea and the unsuccessful life but in the ruthless times hold your head to the pillow because all that happens to us comes from beyond. I like 'I AM SECOND', I value the quotation: If you die before you die, you will not die when you die. So, do not forget about a beautiful motto of pilots THROUGH ADVERSITY TO THE STARS. Buen camino! God bless you. Anna.

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