the penance of The mission (1986)

Do you remember a beautiful movie The mission (1986) but especially the fragment about Rodrigo Mendoza who converted and became later a Jesuit? What did happen before?

Gabriel: Come with me to my mission in San Carlos. There’s so many distractions in here. It’s hard to see anything clearly. I think, that, there your prayers might meet with better fortune. I think, there, God would tell you what it would be good to do. And He’d give you the strength and the grace to do it whatever it costs you.

Mendoza: Leave me alone. You know what I am.
Gabriel: Yes. You are a mercenary. You are a slave trader. And you killed your brother. I know. And you loved him… although you chose a strange way to show it.

Mendoza: Are you laughing at me?
Gabriel: I am laughing because what I see is laughable. I see a coward, a man running from the world.

Mendoza: For me there is no redemption, no penance great enough.
Gabriel: There is. But do you dare to try it?
Mendoza: Do you dare to see it fail?

Mendoza: For me, there is no redemption.
Gabriel: God gave us the burden of freedom. You chose your crime. Do you have the courage to choose your penance? Do you dare do that?

Then, Mendoza repeatedly drags a load of armor up a cliff as penance for his brother.  So, there is a really beautiful long moment where he pulls this rope of bundle throughout the jungle, climbing, risking a life. The road is extremely ‘uphill’, dangerous and exhausting. Even if, one of the Jesuits cut it off, Mendoza tied, so later they tried to convince Gabriel (the superior) that he atoned all evil already. However, Gabriel considered that since Mendoza does not feel that’s enough, he thinks so, too. It is extremely moving image. Mendoza persecuted the local but he suffered the most cause killed in a duel his brother. All what he wanted before, it was to die. Pretty moving a heart is the scene where he reached up the top of the cliff, and where the Jesuits with the local, all together already waited there. They watched him, he was absolutely covered by mud and totally exhausted. One of those people came along with a knife, but he decided to cut off this rope with the ballast. So next, Mendoza experiences of extremely strong emotion and joy. A magnificent while. Nowadays, a priest gives us a symbolic form of penance in the confessional, but in this way, he invites also to personal commitment.


I dedicate this website to my beloved dad who suddenly passed away at 3:00 pm of December 25, 2014. He has departed for a long journey but I've heard that we can go away on forever to be always very close. Christ saved me a few yrs ago, so these notes are some kind of testimony conversion. "You don't choose a life. You live one." (from the movie THE WAY). Saint John Paul II has become my patron of life from he died on birthday, so Saint Mother Teresa is now marriage guardian as the 5th of September is our day of wedding. "The time is running away; the eternity awaits." (it is written on the clock of the church at Wadowice; the hometown of JPII). I'm happily married since 6 yrs. Even if, the storm will come I strengthen my imperfect heart by basking in The Sacred Heart. The prayer is an oxygen, so the soul breathes. If the coldness absorbs, lift up your hands - Christ will warm up & hug the soul. I appreciate these words of Fr Twardowski: Don't be afraid of walking on the sea and the unsuccessful life but in the ruthless times hold your head to the pillow because all that happens to us comes from beyond. I like 'I AM SECOND', I value the quotation: If you die before you die, you will not die when you die. So, do not forget about a beautiful motto of pilots THROUGH ADVERSITY TO THE STARS. Buen camino! God bless you. Anna.

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