I was about 4 yrs old when I followed step-by-step of my father holding a long rope with a plastic duck at wheels on the end. He prayed rosary walking through the lounge, so I pulled with me this duck toy cause I wanted to accompany. He was laughing later that this situation was really funny. I was so proud while I saw him kneeling before God – he was a hero to me. At school-times a nun told us during the retreat for children that throughout the tabernacle we can have non-stop contact with Jesus and that there is a connection with Heaven. So, I thought that there is a special cable behind it up to Heaven. I couldn’t comprehend that amazing grace and the best news. I was honored that I know now. As a child I was pretty shocked. There lives Jesus! God! I just couldn’t believe as a girl during every single Holy Mass and if it’s really true I want to be in touch with him. I started to imagine how it is possible that God can see me by the tabernacle and if he really knows when I need him. I was absolutely absorbed of it. I pictured in my head how my messages flow straight to Heaven and how he receives them or what he is doing right now. I was so happy and I really believed. The small door of the tabernacle seemed to me as an undiscovered mysterious. A Precious Mystery and Beloved Mystery. I still apologize Christ that my mind cannot see so many obvious things cause they are so complicated but I love him. Be honest, I didn’t want to grow up cause an imagination of children is so simple. It’s nice to come back to these memories and try to simplify understanding. Do not complicate. Maybe Jesus especially loves children and wants them close cause their thinking it’s so sincere and funny. Another moving story was when my little cousin went to the church. He was about four yrs old. He stood under the big cross of Jesus, staring on it longer while, been very focused and worried of what’s really wrong, finally asked his mother – why Jesus doesn’t wear any clothes and socks on feet.


I dedicate this website to my beloved dad who suddenly passed away at 3:00 pm of December 25, 2014. He has departed for a long journey but I've heard that we can go away on forever to be always very close. Christ saved me a few yrs ago, so these notes are some kind of testimony conversion. "You don't choose a life. You live one." (from the movie THE WAY). Saint John Paul II has become my patron of life from he died on birthday, so Saint Mother Teresa is now marriage guardian as the 5th of September is our day of wedding. "The time is running away; the eternity awaits." (it is written on the clock of the church at Wadowice; the hometown of JPII). I'm happily married since 6 yrs. Even if, the storm will come I strengthen my imperfect heart by basking in The Sacred Heart. The prayer is an oxygen, so the soul breathes. If the coldness absorbs, lift up your hands - Christ will warm up & hug the soul. I appreciate these words of Fr Twardowski: Don't be afraid of walking on the sea and the unsuccessful life but in the ruthless times hold your head to the pillow because all that happens to us comes from beyond. I like 'I AM SECOND', I value the quotation: If you die before you die, you will not die when you die. So, do not forget about a beautiful motto of pilots THROUGH ADVERSITY TO THE STARS. Buen camino! God bless you. Anna.

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