the enemy cannot be exhausted

Those who are lukewarm – they don’t harm. All those who live away from God because they chose – the evil spirit confirms they do properly, so they don’t need God at all.

The unawareness can be danger and she was to me but mostly ’cause I really ignored. My father told me a lot of his own struggles, so later it helped enormously to see something more than only life obstacles. The Bible & spiritual books were also a very helpful. There was the only way to me – a proper confession. The priest helped but I totally neglected. I thought I didn’t have any grave sins but I had, I was attending to Holy Communion. Two weeks of preparations. There was a special prayer to heal of life wounds. The priest explained definitly that I have to take special care now but must be regularly and if any doubts – he said that do not go to Communion. So, I have started to live in a state of grace and really care but nevertheless the devil has changed precisely a policy, too. He knows that I am more prudent. I have forgotten what he usually does; including what is evil he turns as good for us. 

The devil hates marriages that’s why – he often tries to destroy the inner peace & love – that’s why praying together and being in sanctifying grace is so important. The protection can flow but we must find some spare time between duties what usually requires more effort but it’s pretty valuable. He has tried stubbornly to break the relation between us but he couldn’t win because we really have tried to maintain this invisible protection. We have seen how he strives about the altercation or misunderstanding. We have noticed also how important is to be aware, so there is easier to discern & defend before him.

This spiritual battle is behind our back, even if, I do not believe enough. The devil makes a soul to be neutral and twists morality. He can overcome more effectively if someone is overwhelmed in particular through emotions and feelings. He sows the distrust, dissent & nervousness. He often directs to the anger. I was losing temper but I couldn’t understand why and what’s going on with me. I couldn’t see the reason at all, if nothing happens why am covered by fears. He can use our daily problems and fiasco against us, but it’s been the most ridiculous. The devil has tried to destroy a cheerful mood & comfort in my marriage straight after Rosary or Confession. We haven’t been aware before. On the other side it brought me a deep sadness, if I followed the indefinite fears or anger. He settled a temptation to me: you see, nothing good happens – give up God – with me was better – do you remember? You’ve done before. You haven’t children yet, you still lose what you love, you tried to live according God’s will – but look now, he failed he gave to you a lot of misfortune. Give up God. He has showed my previous life as a perfect and happy but I perceive now what does it mean. He has tried also: you are nothing or you can live freely without any restrictions. The evil spirit has presented me God as someone who only limits. He has turned into a lie about me a lot of good things into my fiasco and has bothered to collapse. It’s a real spiritual battle. The devil really wants us to think he doesn’t exist. I haven’t seen seriously all of these things. He has bothered me more ’cause has wanted to discourage in this way. The devil has interfered at life situations precisely but knowing pretty well our weaknesses. He doesn’t know how is to be exhausted. He can settle a doubts and what is really important to us or what we’re afraid of. I’ve had that I will never have a baby. He places pretty often this because we haven’t children yet. He tries to bother me throughout the lack of hope. If I’ve seen children on the street – I was depressed & jealous. There are days when you think that everything is against you. Example: everything was going great but suddenly a serious problem appears as from nowhere, later I use to name this as a lightning bolt. So, we lose a joy & hope. Firstly, he wants to stop a routine of praying & sacramental life ’cause it is faster to get our failure. He drives to set us against God. The other day he has settled the impassivity to stop & lock a relation with God. The devil strives to lose our patience throughout the thought that God abandoned, so he doesn’t care. The humility overcomes our self-love but this self-love ruins a humility.


I dedicate this website to my beloved dad who suddenly passed away at 3:00 pm of December 25, 2014. He has departed for a long journey but I've heard that we can go away on forever to be always very close. Christ saved me a few yrs ago, so these notes are some kind of testimony conversion. "You don't choose a life. You live one." (from the movie THE WAY). Saint John Paul II has become my patron of life from he died on birthday, so Saint Mother Teresa is now marriage guardian as the 5th of September is our day of wedding. "The time is running away; the eternity awaits." (it is written on the clock of the church at Wadowice; the hometown of JPII). I'm happily married since 6 yrs. Even if, the storm will come I strengthen my imperfect heart by basking in The Sacred Heart. The prayer is an oxygen, so the soul breathes. If the coldness absorbs, lift up your hands - Christ will warm up & hug the soul. I appreciate these words of Fr Twardowski: Don't be afraid of walking on the sea and the unsuccessful life but in the ruthless times hold your head to the pillow because all that happens to us comes from beyond. I like 'I AM SECOND', I value the quotation: If you die before you die, you will not die when you die. So, do not forget about a beautiful motto of pilots THROUGH ADVERSITY TO THE STARS. Buen camino! God bless you. Anna.

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